Suspicious Activities To Look For On CCTV When You Work As A Security Guard

If you've been hired to work as a security guard, you may either work patrolling a certain area or watching the feed of numerous closed-circuit television cameras positioned around the area from the security office. In the latter role, your attentive eye can stop criminals in their tracks and keep members of the public safe. Through experience, you'll eventually be able to quickly spot suspicious activities, which can then prompt you to follow certain individuals closely or even dispatch other officers to the scene. As a beginner, though, you'll want to keep a sharp lookout for the following activities that suggest illicit behavior.

People With Large, Bulky Attire

If you're working in retail security, one of the chief duties that you'll be performing as you monitor CCTV feeds is watching for shoplifters. You should be on high alert when you notice people entering retail space while wearing large or bulky attire. This is especially a concern if the weather outside is warm. People who intend to shoplift will often overdress with the intention of slipping items under their clothing. If you keep a careful eye on such individuals, you may be able to catch them in the act — and obtain the clear evidence that can be used to have them arrested by police.

People Looking At The Security Cameras

Occasionally, you may notice that someone appears to be loitering and looking for the location of the security cameras in the area. In some instances, criminals will look to identify the position of each of the security cameras and then look for an off-camera area in which to commit a crime. If you notice that someone is spending too much time checking out the cameras, you'll want to dispatch a colleague to the area to investigate further.

People Gathering In Large Groups

It's also a good idea to keep a sharp eye out for people who are gathering in large groups. This may be an issue if you're monitoring a mall, but such issues can occur in other locations, too. Teenage groups may congregate together with the intention of starting mischief — a large group may look to fight another large group of teens, or a group of teens may collectively storm into a store to grab items off the shelves and then flee before anyone can react. If you identify large gatherings of people who are loitering, sending security staff to the area can lessen the chance of an incident.

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