Is Your School Prepared For Disasters?

Are you the principal of a school? If you've been watching the devastation that has occurred because of hurricanes, you have probably wondered if your school is ready if disaster strikes the place where you are responsible for children, teachers and other employees. From making sure that each classroom is ready for an overnight stay to making sure that your fire systems are in proper working shape, here are some ideas that might help you to be sure that you school is prepared for a disaster.

Suspicious Activities To Look For On CCTV When You Work As A Security Guard

If you've been hired to work as a security guard, you may either work patrolling a certain area or watching the feed of numerous closed-circuit television cameras positioned around the area from the security office. In the latter role, your attentive eye can stop criminals in their tracks and keep members of the public safe. Through experience, you'll eventually be able to quickly spot suspicious activities, which can then prompt you to follow certain individuals closely or even dispatch other officers to the scene.